Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q : How long will my powerbank last? 
  • A : The more capacity the powerbank has (mAh) the longer it will last (and charge your equipment)
  • Q : How fast will my powerbank charge?
  • A : Some powerbanks have a Quickcharge output (15W and up). Depending on your brand and model you'll need a certain type of quickcharge. For example Apple uses the 'PD' quickcharge so look for powerbanks with the latest 'PD3.0' quickcharge
  • Q : Will it work with my smartphone?
  • A : Unless a manufacturer doesn't support a certain type of power delivery it will work in almost all the cases. Exception is the Apple equipment which needs a PD instead of QC quickcharge system, if you want a quickcharge powerbank. 
  • Q : How fast is the shipping?
  • A : We mainly use 4 warehouses in Europe : Belgium, France, Spain and Poland. Most of the products should be delivered within 3 working days. Some of the products that are not in stock can take longer as we work directly with the manufacturers in Asia.